Day trips №4
Dutch Fort shopping

Start at 8:00 am
Galle Fort (tour duration 1:00), in a way 10min.
PS: Granite Galle Fort - is the largest and the only remaining fortress in Asia, established by Europeans during the colonial period. Today the fort is in excellent condition and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On the territory of strengthening the whole city was built: along the planned streets, many of which still bear Dutch names, are residential and office buildings, churches, prison, windmill. In stores you can buy Halle as tourist souvenirs and fine authentic jewelry, home furnishings and antiques of the colonial period.
Be sure to look at the old Fort Museum!

Shopping in Galle (tour duration 3 hours), on the road for 5 minutes.
Jewelry, fruit, souvenirs, tea, spices, silk.
Back to the hotel at 12:00. Want to advance the time!
Total price for all excursions to transport $ 20 for 2 people!
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