Day trips №2
Sinharaja virgin forest, tea plantation, spice gardens, Turtle Farm
Start at 7:00 am
Sinharaja (tour duration 2-3 hours), 3 hrs. Before the tour, you can have breakfast at a local restaurant.
PS: Sinharaja Forest - a very ancient forest and is the residue of a prehistoric forest. According to popular legend, the forest was first known as "Sinhaley Macaulay" (forest, the boundaries of which are invisible). Later this place became known as Raja Sinhaley Vanaya (Royal Forest Sinheyl), and finally reduced to Sinharaja Forest (The Lion King).
Tea plantation (tour duration 1 hour), 3 hrs. In the area of ​​Unawatuna. Here you tell the story, teas, show that increases in the neighborhood. Also have the opportunity to ride on a horse, if desired. Specify the price on the spot, it is not included in the tour price.
Spice Garden (tour duration 1 hour), in a way 10-15min. You can also take advantage of a free massage practitioners students (20-30 min). Required tip 200-300ruppy. Here you can buy spices, oils. You will learn how to use in practice in cooking and medicine. Guides lankiets speaks Russian with honey. education.
Turtle Farm (tour duration 30-45 minutes), in a way 15-20min. Learn how to breed turtles, possibly with a resolution of farm workers to take the hands of small turtles, get great pictures. 3-day kids are released into the sea.
Total price for all excursions to transport 14,000 rupees for 2 persons !!!
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