Tour №1
Turtle Farm, Spice Plantation, Lake Maduganga, Photo Fishermean, Temple Veherahena, Safari in Yala National Park
Start at 8:00 am
Turtle Farm (tour duration 30-45 minutes), in a way 15-20min of Unawatuna.
Spice Garden (tour duration 1 hour), in a way 10-15min. You can also take advantage of a free massage practitioners students (20-30 min). 
Here you can buy spices, oils. You will learn how to use in practice in cooking and medicine. Guides lankiets speaks Russian with honey. education.
Lake Kogalle (tour duration 1 hour) - how to grow spices, make a roof of palm fudmassazh (extra charge), photos with a crocodile (tip), a temple on the island.
Photo fishermenov (fishers of men) tip 200rupees photo.
Temple Veherahena (Touring 25-30min), in a way 30min. Here, if you want you can ride on elephants, an elephant on one of up to 3 people. Price should be specified.
Starting at 14:00 pm
Safari Udavale and Yala National Park
. Before the start of the tour you can have a meal at a local restaurant (the duration of the tour 3-4 hours), on the way 2 hours.
Total price for all excursions to transport 25,000 rupees  for 2 persons!
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  1. Room Tours
  2. Date of tour
  3. Place nazvanicheniya and closure
  4. Number of people
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