Day trips № 7
Whales and Dolphins  

Start at 6:00 am 
6:00 Eat in Mirissa area, tours usually last for up to 12 hours a day 
13:00 transfer to the hotel 
Along the southern coast of Sri Lanka goes way whales migrating from December to April from the shores of Africa to Bengal zaliva.Nablyudenie whales - one of the possible day trips on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. 

On this tour to Sri Lanka, you will meet with blue whales, as well as many dolphins and other fish. Whales in Sri Lanka - Mirissa is the best place to watch blue whales - the largest and rarest mammals on earth, we invite you on a tour in Mirissa, join us for an exciting and unforgettable experience. 
During a walk on the yacht you are not leaving the territorial waters of Sri Lanka, will be able to walk up a fairly close distance to most of the globe huge mammals to whales. Almost all of your boat trip will be accompanied by dolphins. 

Season migration of whales and sperm whales - December - early April. 

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